PSAT Practice

The PSAT (or preliminary SAT) is a slightly easier version of the SAT. Both exams test similar concepts, but their purposes are vastly different. The PSAT is meant to be a practice SAT for students preparing to take the SAT in years to come. The SAT is looked at by colleges and universities to gain entrance and scholarship. 

Although the PSAT is meant for practice, it still has large implications for juniors who take this test. Juniors who score a 99% on their PSAT score can become National Merit Scholars - one of the country's most prestigious, competitive, and scholarship rewarding recognitions. 

Did your sophomore have an outstanding result last year (90% or above)? Great! How would he or she know what to study to ace the test this year?  Most likely, students will get another high score, but miss the National Merit Scholarship by just three or four questions! Our course provides feedback of what to study, practice, and individualized attention to gain those last few percentage points. Hard work is required.

Since the PSAT is a practice version of the SAT, the best way to prepare for the PSAT is to utilize SAT exams. Below, you will find our practice SAT resources. 

SAT Analysis

Just taking a practice test is not enough!

You need to know what areas in each section need improvement. That's where Ultimate Test Prep can help. We can analyze your results for these practice tests to show you exactly what skills need to improve. Cost - $15 per practice test

Math Formulas


Have you ever wondered what math formulas you need to know? THE BEAST is a compilation of the most common math formulas asked by the PSAT!


We Write Our Own Material

New MM Book

Throughout our time teaching standardized testing, we have developed our own method and compiled our own written material into an ACT-prep book: Analyze your ACT. This book focuses on the skills needed to succeed on the ACT (rather than only practice tests). This book also lets you analyze your own test results to figure out exactly where you make your mistakes. Once you have found your mistakes, each handout and quiz is only 1-page long. You will receive immediate, precise feedback when using Analyze your ACT. All of our ACT test-prep services include a copy of this book.

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