Our Approach

We are a team of teachers, college planners, and tutors who will add our expertise to your family. We make sure that each meeting is full of energy, and we help our students to set achievable goals on their road to success.

Our Story

Ultimate Test Prep was founded on the principles of student success, strong foundations, and family savings. We have helped many families achieve scholarships that were not available before. We can make a difference! We have experienced that your investment will pay for itself many times over! Our Class of 2018 students received on average $200,000 in scholarships!

Our Team


Winni van Gessel

Founder & CEO

Winni studied instructional design at the University of Kentucky. He applied his skills in numerous classroom programs and then focused on the ACT. He experienced how important the ACT is when his daughters applied to college. Ever since, he has made analyzing the ACT and teaching the test to any willing student his life's work. Winni is the author of the book Analyze Your ACT.


Winni's Schedule

Matt Vassil

College Planner and Test-Prep Instructor

Matt studied at Saint Louis University where he tutored countless individuals in standardized testing. For the past 3 years, Matt has tutored the ACT and helped students with their college planning needs at Ultimate Test Prep, to high acclaim of his students. He has been an important contributor to our curriculum, Analyze Your ACT, and has used the trendsheet method successfully with his students to get effective and efficient results.


Matt's Schedule