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The PSAT is similar to the SAT, but scoring well on the PSAT could make you a National Merit Scholar. Students often take the PSAT without any specific preparation, but this test could completely change your life in scholarships! In this class, we will not go over the basics - students geared towards the National Merit Scholarship do not need that – but we will identify and work on their marginal mistakes and flaws.

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PSAT 6-Week Course

Our 6-week PSAT Course offers 12 hours of classroom time. Each student in this course will receive an individual analysis of his/her PSAT skills. This analysis will pinpoint the exact areas we need to focus on to gain the national merit scholarship!

Our PSAT Course Method

Our PSAT class is designed to help top students reach their potential to become a National Merit Scholar. Rather than taking a test during class, students come to class with the test already completed. That way, we can spend more class time working on improving and mastering skills. During our classes, students will receive an in-depth analysis of their current testing skills with recommendations about what to work on in the future. They will gain the insights, the practice, and the mastery in various ways during our class time. 

Our average class size in the past has varied between 6 and 8 students. This ensures that each student receives the individual attention they need while still being motivated by their peers around them. We practice with SAT tests from the past, so students will be ready to take the SAT in November as well. (this is one of the requirements for National Merit; therefore, we recommend that our students take it right after rigorously studying for this test.