Senior Year

With college application deadlines fast approaching, it is never too early to start looking at schools, completing the FAFSA, filling out applications, finding scholarships, and writing essays. Ultimate Test Prep can help students prepare in all aspects of their senior year college planning.  Below, you will find our recommended schedule for how to approach your senior year. We recommend that seniors have meetings either once or twice a month to help ensure that all of your college planning needs are met. 

Our college planning services are formatted in an al a carte structure to allow students and families to create packages that work best for their needs. Each of our senior year college planning sessions is $175, and our senior year services have a minimum of 4 sessions.


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College Lists

  • Locate schools that fit the student and family's academic and financial needs.
  • Compare potential schools using our proprietary database. 
  • Create an individualized college list with deadlines, hyperlinks, and the latest data.
  • Advise on college trips and visits.


  • Create a professional resume to highlight key attributes 
  • Evaluate extracurricular activities to include on applications.
  • Create detailed schedules to ensure all application deadlines are met. 
  • Utilize the Common Application to apply to multiple schools.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on the wording of each application


  • Assist students to develop unique essay topics, making sure that each essay is another separating factor for admission.
  • Provide thematic suggestions in terms of essay development.
  • Provide detailed feedback on each essay (admissions, scholarships, honors colleges, program specific, etc.) to ensure that all essays are grammatically correct.


  • Assist families in submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Locate and help students prepare material for external scholarship applications.
  • Ensure that students are applying for all opportunities for merit-based scholarships at the schools to which they apply. 

Senior Year Schedule

August) 75 days left until the first college-application deadlines! Start researching and understanding merit-based scholarship opportunities. Learn about different fields and programs within your preferred major. Compare colleges that excel in your major. Explore essay ideas. Start the Common App. Identify mentors who will write recommendation letters. Complete the FAFSA.

September) Complete your first essay draft. Compare colleges close to home. Evaluate extra-curricular activities, honors, and awards.  Plan university visits and meet college reps at your school. Explore the Academic Common Market for majors not available in Kentucky. Identify competitive, affordable, out-of-state programs. Finalize a list with 6-10 colleges that match your interest and personality. Become familiar with need-based scholarships and student loans. Complete additional essay questions for each college. Organize applications: sites, passwords, deadlines, requirements, and admission officers.

October) Take a practice ACT to prepare for the October ACT - one of your last opportunities to improve. Analyze your test results for areas of improvement. Take an ACT class during the fall. Strengthen your essay-writing skills. Perfect your test-taking skills in English and math. Evaluate your critical reading skills. Finish the Common App. Submit applications to colleges with October deadlines.

November) Submit applications to colleges with November deadlines. Communicate with college admission officers for additional opportunities. Schedule college visits and meet with professors. Finalize and submit supplemental essays. Maximize available scholarships opportunities offered by universities and organizations. Happy Thanksgiving: you are done! Relax and wait for your admission results.