Our PSAT-Prep Services

We offer three types of PSAT services: Individual sessions at our office location, group classes at our office location, and online sessions via Skype or Zoom. If you are in the Lexington, Kentucky area, we suggest utilizing our in-person services (individual sessions or classes). However, if you are not in the Lexington, Kentucky area, we are still able to accommodate your needs! Our online sessions are a great way for you to learn the necessary content and crucial strategies to succeed in upcoming standardized tests. Read more below to learn about our different PSAT services.


Individual PSAT Prep

Our one-on-one test prep sessions give students a chance to sit down with one of our expert instructors and learn crucial content and strategies. We will start at your level and take it from there. Students will receive a full analysis of their current PSAT skills which will determine the content and strategies covered in the session. Because of this individual analysis, we will only cover the material you need in order to see the highest score improvement!

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PSAT Classes

Each year, we offer a PSAT class in the weeks leading up to the October exam. This class offer students a chance to learn the necessary content, skills, hints, and crucial strategies with their peers. Each student receives an individual analysis of his or her respective test results during each class. Our classes have a maximum of 15 students for more individualized attention and are held on multiple days every week. 

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