You have questions; we have answers!

“The ACT does not tell me what mistakes my child made!” 

Ultimate Test Prep provides an analysis of all mistakes and formulates a personalized plan to improve. Knowing exactly what to study helps your child to stay focused and motivated. With 1-page handouts and 1-page quizzes, we help students to master their previously weak points.

 “My daughter got a 25 on her ACT…. again!”

The ACT just gives you a score. Our curriculum gives you an analysis and a plan. Practice without feedback will give your child the same results over and over. Ultimate Test Prep has proven to make a difference and gives students the tools to improve… one skill at a time.

 “Are there certain things my students should study for the ACT?”

You bet! The ACT is predictable because it is a standardized test. Our trendsheets reveal exactly how many questions in each topic are on each test. The 200 tips in our curriculum will help students of all levels to anticipate the traps and patterns during their next ACT.

“Those ACT books are too overwhelming.”

Face it: your son or daughter is not going to read the whole book; however, Ultimate Test Prep shows them exactly which pages to read. That helps them to focus on the two or three areas where they make their most mistakes and to master the necessary skills. A review of punctuation rules or geometry formulas can often make a huge difference.

“My child is too busy to study for the ACT!” 

Many successful students are busy! Ultimate Test Prep will give you maximum results for each minute you spend with us! Our sessions contact our students beforehand, do not waste a minute, and follow up with helpful tools and additional handouts when needed. 

“My child got a 31 on her ACT! Should he/she take it one more time?”

Yes! Students can take the ACT many times! Universities look at the highest score. For competitive scholarships, EVERY point counts! The ACT score often determines admissions to colleges and honor programs and can affect the future of your child. Increasing the ACT score by even one point might significantly lower your tuition.

“I read the ACT report. I don’t understand it!”

What is “Production of writing”? What are “essential skills”? Our team at Ultimate Test Prep translate these ACT categories into clear language and pinpoint exactly which skills are involved and how to master them. We remind students to look at the structure of a paragraph (“production of writing”) and provide lessons and practice questions for fractions, ratios, and averages (“essential skills”).

“How important is the ACT?”

The ACT is testing skills. So let’s work on those skills, instead of working on those tests. The ACT is just a high school test, but the skills it tests – critical reading, correct grammar usage, basic math, critical thinking, and effective writing – are applicable in college, in the workforce, and throughout a person’s life. Ultimate Test Prep focuses on these skills and helps students to attain mastery for life.