Our College Planning Services

We help students pick the right college for their major, preferences, and financial ability. Sometimes, a private college can be cheaper than a public university. Our goal as college planners is to help you... 

  • create a comprehensive college list.
  • polish your resume to emphasize key activities and volunteer history.
  • develop a strong admissions essay that highlights your strengths and potential.
  • find external scholarships to help decrease the cost of attendance.
  • raise your standardized test scores to increase merit-scholarship potential.
  • stay organized with application deadlines.
  • locate the right college fit for the right price.

We can help with as little or as much of the college planning process as you need. Whether it's just a few essays or the entire process, see how Ultimate Test Prep can help you achieve your goals!

Why the right application is so important

When applying to colleges and universities, your mission is to stand out among the crowd. Most colleges and universities look at the following criteria when determining a student's acceptance:

  1.  Weighted/unweighted GPA
  2.  Difficulty of courses (AP, IB, honors, dual-credit, etc.)
  3.  Leadership titles and awards
  4.  Extracurriculars (sports, band, volunteer work, employment, clubs, organizations, etc.)
  5.  Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT)
  6.  Admission essays... more essays....and other essays

Different schools place a higher importance on some criteria over others. For example, there are some schools that do not require a standardized test score for admission (although most require test scores for scholarships). Some schools require eight admission essays, while others only require one. 

In the college planning process, starting early is crucial. Based on your preferences (preferred field of study, school size, school location, extracurriculars, etc.), we can create a comprehensive college list for you!


The major question to ask yourself...

-"How do I stand out among the crowd?"

Our College Planners

Niki Ledford

Niki 2

Niki received her Master’s in Community Counseling from Eastern Kentucky University. She is dedicated to helping young adults in their crucial life transition period. She has taught life, personal growth, and development skills for over six years. Niki utilizes her communication and leadership expertise in her college planning; she focuses on the unique details of her students to assist them in identifying and highlighting their goals as well as to provide resources and information to help families make informed decisions.

Contact Niki: nikiledford@ultimatetestprep.com

Jordan Sims

Jordan Sims

Jordan has spent the past 4 years as the College Career Coach at Lafayette High School, aiding students in navigating the college application process, securing financial aid & scholarships, and exploring career opportunities. He is a Jessamine County native and first generation 2015 Berea College alumni, holding a B.A. in African American Studies with a Music Minor. With a passion for guiding students towards success,

Jordan is also the visionary behind "BROTHERS," a mentorship program serving nearly 80 students, fostering leadership and life skills in a supportive environment. Jordan's extensive experience in higher education and financial aid ensures strategic guidance for students and families.

Contact Jordan: jordansims@ultimatetestprep.com

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