Our Most Recent Results

Here are the results from our most recent ACT course! Out of the 19 students in the course, these are the 10 students who completed all assigned homework and practice tests. The other 9 students had similar success but were not included because of the lack of composite score due to incomplete homework assignments.

March Course Results - 2019

To provide the best services, we always ask our students what they like and dislike. Here are a few of the comments from our 2018 ACT classes:

How would you describe Ultimate Test Prep?

  • "The fastest and most efficient way to improve your ACT score." 
  • "A fun and different way to master your individual weaknesses on the ACT."
  • "This class is designed to see improvement in your personal areas that you may struggle with. It focuses on areas that can help you improve. It really works and can work for you even with a busy schedule."
  • "Ultimate Test Prep is a friendly environment where you will learn tips and strategies that will improve your ACT score."
  • "This class will help you raise your score by the teachers' resources and specifically crafted teaching style to meet your needs."
  • "AMAZING! For once, I actually know where I am weakest in each section, and I learned ways to tackle each test THAT WORK."

What was your favorite aspect of our services?

  • "Good calm environment for learning and test taking."
  • "The trendsheets that show you specifically what you need to work on."
  • "I felt like I was really improving a few points each time."
  • "I love how flexible times and dates are."
  • "Comfortable layout of the space and lots of helpful resources."
  • "Very friendly environment and easy to ask questions."
  • "There is always an improvement in scores."

What was the most helpful part of the ACT classes?

  • "The help and focus that Winni puts on each student while providing humorous resources."
  • "Ample amount of practice resources and helpful support from the teachers."
  • "Trendsheets because they help you know what your strengths and weaknesses are."
  • "Almost everything; it helped me become a way better test taker!"
  • "The individual assessment resources were incredibly useful"
  • "The quizzes included in the book and the trend sheets."

What was you least favorite part of our classes?

  • "-"
  • "nothing"
  • "I liked it all"
  • "Lessons on topics I had already mastered."
  • "I wish we had more individual work time."
  • "Less Individual work time. I'd rather Winni do more lessons "