You are eligible for our promotion of a FREE PSAT 2019 analysis during the months of March and April 2020.

Please send us your PSAT report with the answers to each question. It looks like the image below. We will then send you a detailed report, showcasing your specific strengths and weaknesses. Instead of “You missed 14 questions in Writing and Language,“ our report tells you if you should review your punctuation rules, your pronoun usage, or your transitioning skills. We even provide the tools for your top-challenges.

How to receive your FREE PSAT 2019 analysis:

Step 1. Go to www.collegeboard.org to download your question level feedback report (see image below).

Step 2. Email this report to info@ultimatetestprep.com using "PSAT Analysis YOUR NAME" as the subject line.

Step 3. With this detailed analysis report, you can target your exact areas for improvement. These skills carry over to the SAT, the ACT, and other tests!

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