Our GRE Course Method

Our GRE classes are a great way for students to learn the necessary content, tips, hints, and crucial strategies to succeed in the upcoming GRE tests. Rather than taking a test during class, we will have the students come to class with the test already completed. That way, we can spend more class time working on improving and mastering skills. During our classes, students will receive an in-depth analysis of their current testing skills with recommendations about what to work on in the future.

Our maximum class size is 15 students. This ensures that each student receives the individual attention they need while still being motivated by their peers around them. Read more below about our current and upcoming test-prep classes!


GRE Classes

In our GRE courses, we will analyze your GRE and tell you which questions are most likely to appear on your next test. Knowledge is power. We tell you how to get more points in the quantitative areas, how to get more points in the essays, and how to get more points in the verbal sections. Every minute is filled with point-increasing tips and strategies.

GRE Class Registration

Upcoming GRE Classes

Spring GRE Course

Our Spring GRE Course offers 6 hours of classroom time through a 2-day program. Each student in this course will receive an individual analysis of his/her GRE skills. This analysis will pinpoint the exact areas we need to focus on to see a significant score improvement!