Why College Planning is Important

When applying to colleges and universities, your mission is to stand out amongst the crowd. Most colleges and universities look at the following criteria when determining a students acceptance:

  1.  Weighted/unweighted GPA
  2.  Difficulty of courses (AP, IB, honors, dual-credit, etc.)
  3.  Extracurriculars (sports, band, volunteer work, employment, clubs, organizations, etc.)
  4.  Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT)
  5.  Admission essays.

Different schools place a higher importance on some criteria over others. For example, there are some schools that do not require a standardized test score. Some schools require eight admission essays, while others only require one. 

In the college planning process, starting early is best. Based on your preferences (preferred field of study, school size, school location, extracurriculars, etc.), we can create a comprehensive college list for you!


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We help students pick the right college for their major, preferences, and financial ability. Sometimes, a private college can be cheaper than a public university! We guide sophomores and juniors towards a strong resume and an informed decision. We help seniors with applications, essays, deadlines, scholarships, interviews, honor colleges, etc. The right application could make a huge difference!

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